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since 2018

It began when a guy from Michigan, living in North Seattle meets a girl from the Philippines, living in West Seattle. Both with a passion for food and cooking, a knack for entertaining and the dream of being able to do it on their own in the way they love to do it. Two different people from two parts of the world, meet in a country, a state and a city not there own; sharing the same dream and aspirations. Sounds like a love story that should be made into a movie Right? Right! but with the reality of life's unpredictability and the strength to weather though it.

like most people they had their share of good and bad.​ But with a beautiful daughter, a decade of marriage and allot of hard work, they fought and march on.

In 2015, He decided to make the move back to his home state of Michigan. Uncertain of what Michigan held for him and his family after fifteen years of being away, besides cold and humidity, they replanted. In the three years of being back, little hints, small opportunities, tiny sparks  began rekindling the dream given up on and forgotten from the busyness of life. In 2018, with little to work with they decided to just go for it. That guy, is (me) Gene, and that girl, my wife Tessie. Together, along with our daughter, are Krowl Family Kitchens. We look forward to putting a smile on your face, and our home cooking style food in your belly.


Laughs are always free!